Winter Camping Necessities

S’mores by a campfire in the winter

Winter camping is a completely new adventure compared to summer camping. If you’ve never been winter camping, you’ll want to make sure you cover your bases and have the winter camping necessities you’ll need for a cozy, comfortable trip.

Tent Heater
A tent heater will keep you cozy, even when the temperatures outside dip into the single digits. Tent heaters come in two types, electric and propane. If safety measures are taken, either type of tent heater can be used safely inside your tent. Be sure to choose a heater that will accommodate your tent and party size.

Portable Generator
A portable generator can keep your tent heater and other electronics running through the night, though many are only designed to work in temperatures above 32 degrees Fahrenheit, so be sure to check temperature ratings before purchasing.

Sleeping Bags
Your light summer sleeping bags won’t cut it when it comes to winter camping. In more temperate climates, you may be able to get away with a 3-season sleeping bag with a temperature rating of 15-30+ degrees Fahrenheit. If you expect even colder temperatures, you will need a winter sleeping bag rated for 15 degrees and lower. For better insulation and warmth, invest in a high-quality winter sleeping bag liner.

All-Season Tent
An all-season tent will have more structural integrity than a lighter tent. That structural integrity comes in the form of sturdier poles and thicker, more durable fabrics. These tents can stand up to higher snow loads and the fiercest of winds, keeping you safe and snug through harsher weather.

Sleeping Pads
When you are camping out in the winter cold, your tent will be resting on top of snow and frozen ground. A solid sleeping pad with an R-rating of 5 will ensure you are well insulated, and your body heat won’t be leached by the ground under the tent.

A sleeping cot is an alternative to sleeping pads that will keep you off the ground. One of the laws of thermodynamics tells us that heat rises. Sleeping on a cot elevates your body and puts you at the perfect height to take advantage of your tent heater.

Hand Warmers
Rechargeable hand warmers are a luxury you simply cannot do without. Slip the hand warmers into your pocket, into your gloves, or even into the bottom of your sleeping bag to keep your toes warm!

Keeping your cider, cocoa, coffee, or tea warm while exploring the winter wonderland can make your trip just that much better! After a day of sledding or snowboarding, you can sit down and sip on a tasty treat.

Two-Way Radios
Keeping close communication with your party members is vital for safety, especially if you are unfamiliar with your surroundings. You certainly don’t want to lose your way, especially in cold weather. Be sure to pack extra batteries and sync up your radios before you begin to wander.

Get prepared and gear up with these handy winter camping necessities and stay snug and cozy, even in the winter wilderness.